Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reposted from Livejournal: Fabric-Covered Buttons

I am addicted to the thrift store, fo srs. Lately, my absolute favorite find has been little kits to make fabric-covered buttons. I know you can go down to any sewing supply store and find the same thing just fine (and they haven't exactly CHANGED lately), but I get a bizarre thrill from using vintage supplies.

There's actually "making buttons" to "hold clothes together," which I'll take advantage of for a lace muffler I'm currently crocheting:
I'm not actually sure what I used that brown-and-teal paisley to make? A bag somewhere along the line? It was just waiting around to finish up that project, I swear.

But as I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do with the 1 3/4" buttons I made with this Red Riding Hood fabric that I am ~obsessed with~, it dawned on me: I could make brooches. So I started making brooches. Then I found a hair clip back. OH MY GOD, I COULD ALSO MAKE HAIR CLIPS.


Some lace and buttons and glue gunning later, some cuteness was born.

A pin. I'mma keeping this one, because LOOK AT IT. The best part of fabric buttons, it being able to sew a button onto a button. Double button action. I dare you to come up with a concept more loaded down with cute.

Hair clip, which I'm also keeping. For some reason, the ones that I put that little gathered lace edge around? I just can't let them go.

This was my favorite button, but turned into my least favorite clip. I'll be redoing it soon, and hopefully it'll turn out better the second time around.

Working on more, using some Little Mermaid fabric that arrived in a swap recently. :3 Actually, I've already turned one into a brooch, so expect it to pop up on etsy soon enough!

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