Saturday, April 24, 2010

The month is nearly over!

And in the end I bought 78 yards of lingerie lace, 5 skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, 40 bobbins of embroidery floss and 2 new books. Not doing so great as far as not buying anything!

I'm currently working on a cross-stitch sampler and a pair of gloves.
Finished up a hat, scarf, pin cushion and repairs on a doll. About to go finish up a few more hats. Cut out everything I need for a quilt. So I'm not feeling GREAT about my to-do list progress, but I'm not feeling bad about it, either.

Grabbed " Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!" off XBL's indie games last night. It's so adorable! Pretty basic platforming, with the added ability to "zoom in" and search for things within the pixels. Also, you're a cat having little kitty adventures. This is a clear win.

Spent some time with Silent Hill: Homecoming, as well. It's... not grabbed me too much. The main character seems just too comfortable. "Really, Alex? Have you always lived on the edge of a limitless foggy expanse? Did a toothy vagina just try to eat you in your basement and you're just worried that it's flooded?" A lot of the ambient noise is just confusing or irritating. It really doesn't have the general FEEL of oppression that Silent Hill typically gives you. It all just seems pretty "whatever" at this point. I'm just going to keep going until I see just how many references to 2 they can fit in to one game.

You know what's awesome, though? This thing. Got it in yesterday, and it makes a damn good cup of tea. It cleans so easily, too! I think I'll go use it right now, in fact.

Monday, April 19, 2010

An afternoon visit to Denver took us to Fancy Tiger, which effectively ended any attempts I may have been making to stop buying supplies for a month. I only bought 5 skeins of yarn? Honest!

One has even already become a hat:
WIndy Day Hat Back

On my earlier to-do list front, I've made some progress? I've sold a few patterns since getting my etsy back up and running, and I plan on knocking off a couple of items before work today. As well as knitting some unplanned wrist warmers. Shhhhhh.

Here's the pin cushion I made with that little pink bird stitch:
Teacup Pincushion

I got a little messy with the glue! I was able to reuse the filler from my last cushion (admittedly, a deformed white blob I made in about 2 minutes because I was frustrated with only having one pincushion and 2 seamstresses during cosplay season.) It was the perfect amount!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh nooooooes!

Ah! It figures that, in the end, it would be Clover who would ruin my no-new-supplies plans. But! But! $41 packs of embroidery thread for $5? I've also had a long-standing desire to try out a bamboo crochet hook. Tragically, none of the stores around here seem to sell them. Therefore, I DID buy 2 packs of embroidery thread and a crochet hook this month.

I've completed 3 projects thus far, having been VERY interrupted by the emergency I mentioned earlier. I'm doing my best to get back on track, though. Even if I have moved to "Well, I'll complete all the Bayonetta achievements" as a goal as well. *shame*

BUT. I have a lovely new pin cushion. And my Etsy has listings again. I got a doll all fixed up. Stitched up a little gift for a swap partner. Have been trucking along on a scarf and some embroidered bunnies. I can't feel BAD about my progress even if I don't feel AWESOME about it quite yet.

Ah, the fabulous site I've been using to do my best to stay organized in all this: Teux Deux. It's a lovely easy-to-use and super-attractive design-wise to-do list. If it doesn't get done, it moves it to the next day. I love it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Progress

I'm at 3/29 of my to-do items, and have successfully avoided buying supplies. I also lost my camera's battery charger, though? S'okay! I got enough photos to get my etsy back off the ground.

These guys aren't listed yet, but they're coming right up! It's a ~preview.~

Etsy Preview 1 Etsy Preview 2 Etsy Preview 3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Bunny fabric
I don't have any new projects to post, and my to-do list has been thrown completely off due to an emergency. Luckily, everything turned out well, so don't worry!

I did recently get this guy all cleaned up, though. It's a waist cincher, although I went light on the boning. It didn't seem right to make too severe a garment when it was intended to be cute.

Nonetheless, it's Easter~! You have to post some bunny-chick-spring featuring item, right?

Bunny waist cincher

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To-Do Lists

Playing card bobbin
I'd made March my "Finish UFOs" month, and intended April to simply be "Stash Bust" month, but some spring cleaning yesterday changed my mind.

I assembled together a brief to-do list of projects started and 100% intended. By "brief" I obviously mean "more then 50 items."

Therefore, April is "finish these things up, and don't you dare buy or start anything new!" month! Exciting! I've already given 17 of the items planned dates for work and/or completion. Luckily, there are a couple of quick repairs on there, and plenty of items that are 70-80% complete.

I'm going to go ahead and set my bar high: I'm going to knock off half of this list by the end of the month. Considering that Glee returns and a new Monster Hunter comes out, not to mention this pesky "job" that keeps cutting into my quality sewing time, I'm really going to need to buckle down and work on something everyday at least a little bit.

So! As of today, I am at 0/29 for my goal. Let's get to work!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did someone say something about Friday?

They were kind of crazy. "Whenever" is a better schedule.

First, music sharing! Monster Hunter Orgel soundtrack finally made it, since iTunes is region locked and, therefore, I need the physical CD. Totally worth it, everyone should do the same. Here are the shortest tracks, and the game theme, to preview:

The CD can be purchased here, and information from Capcom (in Japanese) here.

On to the crafting!
Still in love with these stamps

Recently picked up some wonderful stamps at the thrift store. Clearly intended to help children learn how to read they're beautiful animals and simple words. Cue greeting cards, etc. Using above as my desktop, so the whole 1280x800 version is on flickr.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Magazine Pattern: Miniature Pets

Just a bit later then I wanted? Long week.


This one is from Women's Circle Crochet, the Spring 1990 issue. By Judith Stover, it's a simple pattern with 7 variations to make some cute little Easter basket stuffers!

Friday, March 12, 2010

New blog!

Previously I was housing my crafting updates on LiveJournal, but I really want more of a "blog." Especially since I've got a nice new camera, an itchy Flickr account and a lot of old crochet magazines scanned and ready to share.

I have to confess: video games are my first love. Therefore, most of my crafts are inspired by such. I adore doing pixel-based cross stitch, and make cosplay outfits from many of my favorite games.

It's hard to think of something I've done that isn't Japanese culture inspired on some level. I'm a fan of both lolita and himegyaru fashion.

Friday is the day: I will post every Friday with an update of my own crafting endeavors, or in order to share a pattern or some such for everyone to enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reposted from Livejournal: Cross Stitch Update

Finished up stitching little Trenya today! Getting started on Nekoht soon as this post in done.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reposted from Livejournal: Fabric-Covered Buttons

I am addicted to the thrift store, fo srs. Lately, my absolute favorite find has been little kits to make fabric-covered buttons. I know you can go down to any sewing supply store and find the same thing just fine (and they haven't exactly CHANGED lately), but I get a bizarre thrill from using vintage supplies.

There's actually "making buttons" to "hold clothes together," which I'll take advantage of for a lace muffler I'm currently crocheting:
I'm not actually sure what I used that brown-and-teal paisley to make? A bag somewhere along the line? It was just waiting around to finish up that project, I swear.

But as I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do with the 1 3/4" buttons I made with this Red Riding Hood fabric that I am ~obsessed with~, it dawned on me: I could make brooches. So I started making brooches. Then I found a hair clip back. OH MY GOD, I COULD ALSO MAKE HAIR CLIPS.


Some lace and buttons and glue gunning later, some cuteness was born.

A pin. I'mma keeping this one, because LOOK AT IT. The best part of fabric buttons, it being able to sew a button onto a button. Double button action. I dare you to come up with a concept more loaded down with cute.