Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh nooooooes!

Ah! It figures that, in the end, it would be Clover who would ruin my no-new-supplies plans. But! But! $41 packs of embroidery thread for $5? I've also had a long-standing desire to try out a bamboo crochet hook. Tragically, none of the stores around here seem to sell them. Therefore, I DID buy 2 packs of embroidery thread and a crochet hook this month.

I've completed 3 projects thus far, having been VERY interrupted by the emergency I mentioned earlier. I'm doing my best to get back on track, though. Even if I have moved to "Well, I'll complete all the Bayonetta achievements" as a goal as well. *shame*

BUT. I have a lovely new pin cushion. And my Etsy has listings again. I got a doll all fixed up. Stitched up a little gift for a swap partner. Have been trucking along on a scarf and some embroidered bunnies. I can't feel BAD about my progress even if I don't feel AWESOME about it quite yet.

Ah, the fabulous site I've been using to do my best to stay organized in all this: Teux Deux. It's a lovely easy-to-use and super-attractive design-wise to-do list. If it doesn't get done, it moves it to the next day. I love it.

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