Saturday, April 24, 2010

The month is nearly over!

And in the end I bought 78 yards of lingerie lace, 5 skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, 40 bobbins of embroidery floss and 2 new books. Not doing so great as far as not buying anything!

I'm currently working on a cross-stitch sampler and a pair of gloves.
Finished up a hat, scarf, pin cushion and repairs on a doll. About to go finish up a few more hats. Cut out everything I need for a quilt. So I'm not feeling GREAT about my to-do list progress, but I'm not feeling bad about it, either.

Grabbed " Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!" off XBL's indie games last night. It's so adorable! Pretty basic platforming, with the added ability to "zoom in" and search for things within the pixels. Also, you're a cat having little kitty adventures. This is a clear win.

Spent some time with Silent Hill: Homecoming, as well. It's... not grabbed me too much. The main character seems just too comfortable. "Really, Alex? Have you always lived on the edge of a limitless foggy expanse? Did a toothy vagina just try to eat you in your basement and you're just worried that it's flooded?" A lot of the ambient noise is just confusing or irritating. It really doesn't have the general FEEL of oppression that Silent Hill typically gives you. It all just seems pretty "whatever" at this point. I'm just going to keep going until I see just how many references to 2 they can fit in to one game.

You know what's awesome, though? This thing. Got it in yesterday, and it makes a damn good cup of tea. It cleans so easily, too! I think I'll go use it right now, in fact.

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